This was a 2-day rapid research and prototyping design challenge. In the first phase I was asked to define an online purchase experience for prospective residential solar customers. In the second phase I created a paper prototype to support a customer through the process of installation. ​​​​​​​

Some of my research and design process.

I did the following to quickly understand the solar business and the process of having solar installed.
– Read through the solar company's website to familiarize myself with their business.
– Interviewed someone who has purchased solar to understand their motivations and process.
– Did further article reading to better understand some things that came up during the interview I conducted.
Experience flow
The understanding I gained from research allowed me to formulate the customer journey through the purchase process. Given the quick nature of the exercise there were of course many outstanding questions that would need further investigating. In my presentation (shown in the following images) I made notes of where those questions are in the process.
Paper prototype
Because solar installation involves both physical components and physical labor it will never be a fully digitized process but digital tools can aid in the communication of all the parties involved.
For the paper prototype I was asked to design an interaction that would support a customer in assembling photos and documents necessary for completing installation.
I created a mobile app because a phone’s camera is a natural tool for homeowners to use for capturing visual information about their house. 
Additional process 

Alternate paper prototype

Process sketches for creating the paper prototype

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