Research revealed a name change was needed 

Bridge Foundry provides free coding workshops to under-represented populations in tech. 
Product: Bridge Foundry Events
(Product previously called BridgeTroll)
Bridge Foundry has open source software that Bridge chapters use for planning free workshops in a variety of coding languages. It includes a full set of functionality tailored to their needs, for example, tools for organizing class size and skill level. Ultimately it is a tool to help volunteers increase diversity in tech.
my role
– Identify priorities for limited volunteer resources
– Facilitate usability improvements with a holistic approach
– Identify improvement to encourage chapters to utilize the software
Heuristics Evaluation
An initial heuristics evaluation revealed:
– Site navigation lacks consistency and is hard to locate
– Form for creating a new event is very long
– Errors in the event form can cause loss of progress
– There are limitations when emailing from within the system
– Navigation from within Organizer Console is inconsistent
More details can be found in the complete business document (pdf)
Additional Research
Additional research consisted of:
– Interviewing workshop organizers
– Observing new workshop organizer use current software to create event
– Observing and participating in a RailsBridge Workshop
– Conducting a survey of additional workshop organizers
design thinking
Research was synthesized into "How might we..." statements. The ideas generated were analyzed using a 2x2 grid to compare effort vs. value.
The design thinking exercises helped define feature priorities.
New features and changes must warrant utilizing volunteer hours to make it happen. Limited resources means using a phased approach in implementation and taking advantage of previously written code.
Feature Priorities
bridge troll Name Change
"[Bridge Troll] Sounds super negative considering the context we have for trolls in tech."
In surveys and interviews it repeatedly came up that the previous name BridgeTroll was confusing or disliked. Most workshop attendees cognitively associate the event they're going to with their Bridge Chapter or Bridge Foundry in general. To simplify things BridgeTroll is being renamed to Bridge Foundry Events. It currently lives at it's own domain but will eventually be found at This change will aid in connecting the workshops to Bridge Foundry.
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