Initial sketches/Sample Screens
The Favor Saver is a mobile time bank app. It's a tool for keeping your friends forever. Keep a visual reference of favors. Ask your friends for help and give your time equally in return. Don’t be a forever mooch. Instead keep your friends forever.
A time bank is simpler than it may sound. Instead of storing money, time is stored that can be exchanged with others for their time and skills. This project is my solution to Don Norman's classic UI exercise from his course, Design of Everyday Things.
My time bank concept is meant to be used amongst a circle of friends where everyone who is giving their time knows the people they're asking time of. The Favor Saver name is apropos because this tool aims to solve the following human problems:
1. It can be annoying to message multiple people asking for a simple favor.
2. It can be difficult to help out friends that don't live near you even if you want to offer your time.
3. Guilt can occur when asking for favors.
4. Resentment can occur amongst friends if there doesn't seem to be enough reciprocation of support.
Used for initial user testing.
– Keep track of favors friends need 
– Ask questions about your friends' needs/problems
– Messaging is viewable to all so Q/A doesn't have to be repeated 
– Offer your time
– Keep track of the hours you've given 
– Ask for a favor for either a specific time or as a general inquiry
Sample USER FLOWS and wireframes
Visual Design
I used Google's Material Design as a visual design system. The paper and wire frame prototypes helped to flush out the user flows. I wanted to further see how the flow logic might change by applying an established design system.
Sample Screens 
– Thinking about limited space in mobile
– The complexities of a two sided marketplace
– Setting up the story properly when user testing
– User testing was key in seeing the importance of confirmation feedback and showing state changes
– Using the Material Design system for visual design
View additional design process [here]

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